Why don't some of the links on your site work?

Some of the links on our site open popup windows. If you have a popup stopper program running, you'll need to temporarily stop this program in order to open these links.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, money orders, personal checks, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

What are your hours of operation?

Our available training hours can be viewed here.

Personal Training

Do you only train bodybuilders?

No. We specialize in one-on-one training with an emphasis on nutrition, supplementation, and all aspects of resistance and cardio vascular training for people from all walks of life, with many different goals: Toning and firming; injury rehabilitation; conditioning; strength and size gains; weight loss; etc.

Why would someone need or want a personal trainer?

For the majority of trainees, a personal trainer is invaluable for the motivation and knowledge they will pass on to you. Hiring a personal trainer is an excellent way to avoid common beginner mistakes and/or wasted time and effort.

Even advanced weight trainers/athletes will receive a tremendous boost when pushed by a qualified personal trainer when compared to working out alone.

When you work with us, you get a 100% commitment and we demand a 100% effort!

What does a workout with you consist of?

Every training session will be a rigorous workout tailored to meet your goals. The session begins with a warm up, your personalized training routine, then a stretch/cool down.

I had a personal trainer previously who didn't seem interested in me and didn't really seem to offer good workouts. What makes your service different?

The Fit Connection difference is in the attitude we bring to our work. We are PROFESSIONAL trainers. We take our work seriously and our only goal is to get you the results you need.

That means challenging, integrated workouts involving many different forms of training (where necessary): pilates, weight training, conditioning drills, powerlifting, balance training, speed drills, plyometrics, aerobic training, stretch work and many other techniques to help you get the results you desire.

We do not take one single workout approach and apply it to everyone. Every person we work with is unique. That means every person we work with needs a unique workout tailored to their unique personality, their unique ability level, and their unique goals.

We are not only there to push our clients, we are there to support, motivate and educate as well. We care about what we do and it shows in our training and in the results experienced by our customers.

Do I need a gym membership to train with you?

No, we train at a private club that does not require a membership. You won't have to sign onto a long-term, onerous contract with a health club. You only pay for your sessions with us, that's all you need to worry about.

Are you certified and/or insured?

Yes! We are nationally certified and fully insured. Copies of our certifications and liability insurance policies are available upon request.

What age and ability range do you work with?

We train clients of any age and ability level. We have trained people from 10 years old to 93 years young. Our clients have ranged from professional athletes to people with severe disabilities. ANYONE will benefit from our unique form of personal training!

I have a job with irregular hours and can't stick to a set training schedule - would you still be able to work with me?

We have many clients whose schedules vary from week to week. We offer flexible scheduling as our goal is to work with our clients to make sure they can get their workouts in in order to meet their training goals.

Do you only focus on workouts in the gym?

No. Working with The Fit Connection means we will be working with you on ALL phases of your life. This means your workouts, your nutritional intake, your sleeping habits as well as your general mental outlook.

Seeing results involves much more than just a workout. We cover any and all aspects of your life which will enable you to meet your goals in the shortest time period possible!

My old trainer did the same workout with me every time I came into the gym, is that what you do?

We pride ourselves on always offering a dynamic workout every time our clients train with us. Additionally, our goal is to always offer a unique and challenging workout each time our clients walk through the door. This keeps our clients motivated, engaged and prevents stagnation. We constantly keep our clients guessing which keeps them on the fast track to their goals.


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